Prepping for Kenya

Third Step

Yesterday I went and got a shot for yellow fever and typhoid. Those things are expensive! But I am now apparently immune to yellow fever for life, so that’s a good thing.

In other news, I am currently selling origami owl jewelry to help with fundraising. My friend wanted to help me fundraise, and is basically letting me┬áhost an online party where I get 75% of the profits. I’ve never been very good at selling things but since it was free of charge without any strings attached I figured why not?

Alas, I didn’t get a picture at the doctors office, so I had to borrow one from the interwebs. But seriously, what kind of kid is that happy?

A child looking much to happy while getting shots at the doctors.

A child looking much to happy while getting shots at the doctors.


Second Step

Finally! My letters are finished and sent. I was worried I would never get them out. It is a huge relief to have them completed. That was one task I couldn’t wait on!

As I was signing the letters and putting them into envelopes, God reminded me to trust Him. I have been a little pessimistic about the whole thing, thinking that there is no way I could get all the money I needed for my trip. But then I remembered how even two years ago, when I was thinking about how I wanted to travel and see the world and meet new people and do…something (still working on the something. It’s a very hazy vision right now), I knew going to Kenya and helping Mrs. Mendoza was the first step. I cant explain it more than that, I just knew that was the first thing I was going to need to do.

So I realized that since going to Kenya is the first step, that of course a God would provide a way for me to go. So I know that those donation letters will get to the right people, and I will get the provisions I need for my trip. One step at a time.