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Lots of Little Nothings

Today I helped Teacher Faith in her classroom again. Classes are going well, in fact I would say they went better today than they did yesterday. One of the children in our class was in trouble yesterday, and so Teacher Faith was in a bad mood, and the children were on egg shells. Today it went much better.

I still don’t like how they teach math, but I began to understand why they teach English the way they do. Because many of the children come not knowing English, they use stories to teach them, and then ask them lots and lots of questions. The questions are made with only one answer, so that the teacher can tell if the child is understanding the nuances of the question. It was still boring, but I could see why the children are doing well with it.

There are visitors coming Thursday, so apparently they are not planning to do the normal school schedule while they are here. I’m not really sure what they are planning to do…a Bible School type thing? Crafts and games? All I know is it will be like school is out for the children until the following Tuesday.

Today we officially got some new children. They had come on Friday, but the District Officer hadn’t brought all the paper work so they had to take the children back to him Monday. It was decided that the District Officer didn’t feel like keeping up with them over the weekend, so he sent the to the school, knowing that he needed the paper work! Sue and the social worker, Esther, went to get the children, and apparently the District Officer was not happy. He told them, “They were very noisy!”

Sue looked over to see them quietly sitting on the bench and said, “They look to be quiet.”

And he said, “Well they were noisy earlier, and we had to tell them to be quiet!” (which Sue candidly remarked to me that ‘Of course, they are children. What did he expect?’)

In any case, we got the three children today, two girls and a boy, or else it’s one girl and two boys. It’s hard to tell sometimes, especially since they don’t have uniforms. The girl, who is maybe eight or so, I spotted her chewing on a pencil-mind you it was after lunch, and losing your pencil is the equivalent of getting grounded here. So I walked over and had her give me the rest of it. I watched her a little while later, and realized that she wasn’t just chewing the pencil-she was eating it! Sue told me that many of these children are from the street, but I was still rather shocked-I mean, she had just had lunch. Apparently though, especially for the younger ones, they can have a hard time feeling full because of what they experienced on the streets. In any case, she didn’t get in trouble today, they tend to be a little more lenient when you first come, but I am sure within a week or two if she keeps doing things like that, it will cause an uproar.



4 thoughts on “Lots of Little Nothings

  1. Gayla Miurphy says:

    Hey Anne,
    Gayla Murphy here. Sounds like you have settled in. I’m so proud of you! Mission work is a sacrifice and you have put your whole heart into your mission to help these children.
    How do you say “Jesus loves you” in Swahili?

  2. Dave H says:

    Sounds like you’re settling in …whats the weather like? Do you have brown-outs? Are the mosquitoes as big as horses?

    • Rainy. It rains everyday, and so there is a lot of mud. And I haven’t seen too many mosquitos, but they are about the size of the ones at home…but smarter somehow. I can’t explain it but I think they are more intelligent here. I got one in my room and when my lights were on, it would fly up the ceiling where I couldn’t kill it. But as soon as I settled in bed with the lights off, it would swoop down and hover around my ears. Luckily that’s only happened once. I think the weather has been keeping them in hiding.

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