Children with Presents


The visitors arrived today, Cindi’s sister and children, Cindi’s brother, and then another couple along with their three children. Also Cindi brought her oldest son, Lorenzo, and her youngest son, Diego along. Needless to say that is a lot of extra people.

The kids are off school the next few days to play with the visitors. They were supposed to go play basketball, but it was raining quite a bit this morning, so we ended up playing games and doing crafts at the school, kind of like a VBS.

One of the games we played, everyone sits in a circle, and then every kid gets a fruit (Mango, Apple, Orange). For example, if mango is called, all the “mangos” jump up and have to find another chair. You can also call “fruit basket.” then all the fruits jump up and find another chair. The younger kids didn’t like it much, but the older kids played it for close to an hour.

I had a video I wanted to post, but it looks like you have to do it via youtube, and my internet is really good enough for uploading videos so…maybe next time.

Kids making craft

Kid’s making a craft under the gazebo.



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Rain and Visitors